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Please complete the form below to make your 2025 holiday booking enquiry. 

2025 Bookings can only be made by members of the Bardsey Island Trust at this time. 

Please visit our website here for the current availability before completing this form.

We will update this page as often as possible.

Pets are not permitted on the island or in the accommodation. 

We are unable to provide a waiting list for accommodation. 

  1. Only members of the Bardsey Island Trust may book accommodation during the priority booking period, which ends on the 2nd July 2024

  2. We will only be accepting bookings via this online system, we will not be accepting bookings by post, phone or email.

  3. We are limiting the number of houses and weeks that may be booked by each member during this priority booking period. Members may book a maximum of 2 weeks per member during the priority booking period.  These two weeks can be the same house for a fortnight, or two separate weeks during the year. 

  4. Members may book only the accommodation in which they are staying.

  5. For group bookings, i.e., a family group or group of friends, please choose this option in the form below. Each house will require a Trust member as the lead guest. Only fill in one form for the group booking.

  6. These terms and conditions are the same for both family membership and ordinary membership i.e., no additional weeks may be booked under a family membership.  

  7. We will accept booking enquiries in the order they are received.

  8. We will make every effort to allocate your preferred choice of accommodation.  

  9. From July 2nd, 2024, the end of the priority booking period, bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis with no restrictions on the number of houses or weeks that may be booked. 


Short breaks

Only a limited number of short breaks will be available each week. If you wish to book a short break, please choose either a 3- or 4-night stay commencing on a Saturday and ending mid-week, or a mid-week arrival, leaving on a Saturday. Short break prices can be given upon request and have a premium added; prices online are for week-long stays only.

As bad weather can have a greater effect on short stays, to avoid any possible disappointment, we will not be accepting short break bookings for the whole of April 2025 nor from 13th September 2025 onward. 

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