Ateb Eich Cwestiynau

Ateb Eich Cwestiynau

How much does wash and fold cost?

Laundry services don’t cost as much as your time, But if you want to know more information the average price to wash, dry and fold clothes can range anywhere FROM $1.29 to $2.25 a pound. The cost per piece for larger items and dry cleaning can start at $3.00 and up to $56.99. For more information, you could visit our wash & fold link and select the city nearest to you.

How does laundry pick up and delivery works?

Hamperapp is an on-demand laundry service. We pick up and drop off every day of the week, Usually, our service is 24hrs turnaround.

Do dry cleaners actually wash clothes?

Yes, Most of our dry cleaning partners also offer wash and fold and laundry services.

Which is better dry cleaning or laundry?

Laundry services are better when you are trying to do regular washing and you are doing daily laundry. Dry cleaning is better when you are working on the stain removal and you are looking for a more professional finish. All of the dry cleaning items are either iron or steam, Depending on the material of the item.

Do you tip wash and fold?

It's always good to tip if you feel the work was done correctly, Clients always have the option to edit how much tip they want to leave after their service was completed.

Do hotels offer laundry service?

Most hotels offer laundry service, but usually, they charge 3 times the average price. Hamperapp also offers its services for hotel guests, If you are looking for an affordable laundry service. Hamperapp is your best solution

Do we offer laundry service for airbnb?

Yes, Hamperapp offers services for Airbnb or short term rentals. If you are a property manager or homeowner, please visit for more information. If you are a guest on Airbnb, You can also order from our website.

What is the difference between a machine wash and dry cleaning?

Machine washing is the same as washing in water and Dry cleaning is the same as washing with eco-chemicals.

What does the laundry service mean?

Laundry service means Hamperapp

What are the benefits of Hamperapp?

The benefits of using Hamperapp is the convenience of ordering from home and the Quality services you are going to receive from Hamperapp.

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