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Llyfr gan Jean Brandwood. Pris yn cynnwys postio.


By Jean Brandwood. 

Most travel guides suggest that the Llŷn coastal path can be completed in 10 simple walks, perhaps over a week or two. Jean and the husband Jim, who have been visiting Llŷn regularly since 1991, took a more leisurely approach, dividing the journey into 42 return walks and completing their ramble in August 2021 after just over three years! The walks are described in detail and include QR codes, enabling readers to follow parts or all of the path if they wish to. Jean frequently rambles away from her path to describe their experiences of learning to speak Welsh, to reflect on memories evoked along the way and to describe discoveries that she made about the people and places in this very spot special part of north Wales. The journey is rudely interrupted in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic and Jean describes the changes that occur in Llŷn and in her own life, until Jim and she had finally able to return to complete their adventure.

Price includes P&P.

A Welsh Learner's Ramble Along the Llŷn Coastal Path

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