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Bardsey is open for visitors from March until October. Day trips are available and weekly stays can be booked with the Bardsey Island Trust. 

Day Trips

You can visit the island for a day trip with Bardsey Island Boat Trips, run by Colin Evans. Regular day trips to the island are available throughout the season. 


Trips usually allow for between 3 and 4 hours on the island, plenty of time to visit all of the island's key features and landmarks.


Bardsey is a working farm, please note that there may be cattle and sheep in the fields near the houses and footpaths. 

Dogs are not permitted to visit the island.

Book your stay on Bardsey

Once you take your first holiday on Bardsey, you will want to return again and again.


Several houses are available for holiday lets - prices vary according to the size of the house.


Of the nine self-catering houses that the Trust rents:

  • Three are substantial detached former farmhouses

  • Three are substantial semi-detached former farmhouses

  • Two loft conversions 

  • One whitewashed traditional croglofft cottage


The houses have been maintained in a traditional manner and as such none of the houses have electricity. Each house has a well equipped kitchen with a gas hob cooker and oven and a solar powered or gas fridge/freezer. 

There is no campsite or camping facilities on Bardsey Island, accommodation is available in houses only. 


For more information on booking your week on Bardsey please click here. 

Drone Flying

The Bardsey Island Trust does not permit the flying of private drones anywhere on the island. For further information on this or if you are looking at seeking permission to fly a drone for scientific, monitoring or specific filming requests please see the Bardsey Island Trust Drone Policy. 

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