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Nominations for Council 2024

Below are the biographies council nominees 2024

DG Photo_edited.jpg
David Giblin

I have been a frequent visitor to the local area all of my life and it is on the Llŷn Peninsula where I feel truly at home. I am married with two children and as a family we have developed an affinity with Enlli.

 I graduated from Liverpool University and began my career with Kellogg’s before going on to hold leadership positions with companies including Shell and Nike. I have experience of leading change, developing strategy, building teams, transforming businesses and delivering sustainable growth. I have also worked internationally including periods living in the Netherlands, United States and Switzerland.

 When not working I like to travel and have become a passionate runner who has completed the London marathon four times in support of different charities. I hope that my commercial and business experience will prove to be beneficial, and I am delighted to be given the opportunity to support the trust.

Alun Llwyd

I am the Chief Executive of PYST Ltd. My motivation for being a trustee is varied. In my day to day work I am involved in promoting Welsh and Welsh culture and being able to tell those stories to a wider audience through AM's digital platform (which I set up three years ago). I have a fundamental belief in the importance of community activity and success to the welfare and development of the nation economically and culturally and the importance and history of Enlli is an integral part of that for me. The evolution of the Island into the future is something exciting although challenging but represents the basic values we should promote: environmentally, socially, culturally and economically. Especially following Covid, I have seen how the digital medium can develop public engagement with specific stories and that is what AM is doing and that to a large audience.


The motivation is also personal. I am a keen birder, a trustee of the Ornithological Society of Wales, and consequently appreciate the importance of Enlli in this context as well.


I am also chair of the recently established Enlli Culture Committee.

Deryl Roberts Photo.jpg
Deryl Roberts

I live in Powys, with family roots on the Llŷn Peninsula, and I stay on Ynys Enlli for a week every year. Enlli is a unique and special place which has become a very important part of my life. I want to become a trustee so that I can help to ensure that Enlli thrives into the future and that its community, wildlife, landscape and heritage are protected and appreciated for current and future generations. I bring over 30 years of experience in environmental and sustainability consultancy and I believe that I can use my technical and business skills to support the Trust in continuing to make Enlli an exemplar of a sustainable Welsh island community.

Dewi Lewis

I am a native of Porthmadog but have lived in Clydach, Tawe Valley since 1989. I have visited Ynys Enlli since 2008 as a weekly visitor and also on day trips. I am interested in the history and culture of Ynys Enlli. I am a keen birder and lover of nature in general. I have an honours degree in Theology and the spiritual and religious aspects of Enlli are something that are also close to my heart. I am looking forward to being a member of the Bardsey Island Trustees and being able to work to ensure a bright and prosperous future.




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